The Motion Sick's Ash Wednesdays Residency
Was Every Wednesday in August 2008 @ Church

Songs written for the series:

Theme Song: Surfin' Retiree
(credits) (lyrics)

Photos From the Show

9 - The Lights Out
10 - The Motion Sick
11 - Me and Joan Collins
12 - The Interiors

Theme Song: Tennis Pro

(credits) (lyrics)

Photos From the Show

Kelly Davidson's Photos From the Show

The Dig's Summer Music Blender presents

9 - Joe Kowan
9:45 - Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
10:15 - Leesa
11 - The Motion Sick

Theme Song: Aquaman's Lament
(credits) (lyrics)

Photos From the Show

9 - Where the Land Meets the Sea
10 - The Motion Sick
11 - Electric Laser People

Theme Song: I Grew a Mustache
(credits) (lyrics)

Photos From the Show

9 - Brendan Boogie Band
10 - The Motion Sick
11 - Mieka Pauley

Press Materials:

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High Resolution Theme Shots

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